Master’s Degree

     The Master’s Degree Program in Thai Studies was first offered in 1991. The program provides integrated knowledge for understanding Thai society and culture and the development of the Thai nation. Participants have the opportunity to study and analyze a considerable body of knowledge under the supervision of recognized experts in the field. They can come to appreciate what it is to be Thai in the context of Thailand’s rapidly changing economy, society, and cultural life. As the twenty-first century unfolds, a revaluation of Thai values and Thai worldview - indeed, “Thainess” in all its various aspects – is explored and investigated.

     The program should be of great value to those who have to deal regularly with Thai government agencies, companies and individuals, and to those who would like an integrated knowledge of all aspects of Thai culture.

     The MA program requires 36 credits (24 credits for coursework, and 12 credits for thesis). Among 24 credits of coursework, there are 3 compulsory courses (9 credits) and 5 electives courses (15 credits). Since 2009, MA Thai Studies Program has co-operated with Southeast Asian Studies Program, under such co-operation, Thai Studies students can take 2 courses (6 credits) offered by Southeast Asian Studies Program and vice versa. This helps broaden the views of students in both curriculum.