Special Programs

     For groups with special interest in the Thai and/or Southeast Asian culture and society, the Thai Studies Center can offer a specially designed program to match your specific interests and time frame. An Example of the specially designed programs is the seven-day training and excursion program, "Thailand and Southeast Asia: An Overview", which has been offered consecutively to some thirty Innsbruck University (Austria) students for over a decade. The program aims at helping the participants to develop their knowledge and their appreciation of Thailand and Southeast Asia as a whole. With the focus on Southeast Asia, leading experts in the field will share their insights into the fascinating story of what has gone into the making of this dynamic and diverse region. Participants will also learn the socio-political background to today’s political realities in Southeast Asia, and will be given an opportunity to study and to appreciate at first-hand something of the beautiful and unique art and culture that typifies this part of the world. There are excellent reasons for undertaking such a course of study in Thailand rather than in Europe - including the fact that the accounts that the participants will hear will be given from the perspective of Southeast Asia. This means local experts talking about how they see their own region, and about how their region sees the world, and about how Thailand thinks that the world perceives Thailand.

     For further information, please contact the Thai Studies Center. (See Contact Address)