Duantem Krisdathanont

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รศ.ดร.เดือนเต็ม กฤษดาธานนท์                             หัวหน้าสาขาวิชาภาษาญี่ปุ่น
Assoc.Prof.Duantem Krisdathanont, Ph.D.     Japanese Section, Head
ドゥアンテム・クリサダーターノン                    日本語講座主任


Ph.D.Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
(Literature and Comparative Literature)

M.A. Nagoya University, Japan (Japanese Literature)

Cert. Ryukoku University, Japan(Japanese Culture and Language)

B.A.(1st class Honors) Chulalongkorn University, Thailand(Japanese)


Modern and Contemporary Literature

Theses and works

“The development of female characterization in Oe Kenzaburo’s literary works” (Ph.D.)

Major works
1.Saihom Duantem, “Man’engannen no futtaboru and the Violent Crowd”, Faculty of Human Informatics Naoya University, 2001 (in Japanese)

2.Krisdathanont Duantem, “The Female Characters in Oe Kenzaburo’s Literary Works-Focusing on A Personal Matter”, Osaka University Comparative Literature (Vol.4) December,2006 (in Japanese)

3.Krisdathanont Duantem, “The Female Characters in Oe Kenzaburo’s Early Literary Works-Focusing on Our Age and Sexual Beings”, Manusya Regulay Issue (Vol.10No.1),2006 (In English)

4.Krisdathanont Duantem, " The Female Characters in Takekurabe---Woman and the creation of Modern Japanese Literature". Proceedings of the 1st National Conference of Japanese Studies Network in Thailand  2007.(in Thai)
5. Krisdathanont
Duantem, " Woman and the discovery of self in Okamoto Kanoko's literary work; Kawa ". Proceedings of the National
Conference of East Asian Studies  2009.(In Thai)
6. Krisdathanont
Duantem, " Motherhood in Okamoto Kanoko's literary works". Proceedings of the 2nd National
Conference of Japanese Studies Network in Thailand  2009. (In Thai)
7. Krisdathanont
Duantem, "The Female characterization in Okamoto Kanoko's Hana wa tsuyoshi". Proceedings of the international
Symposium on Japanese Studies in Thailand 2010.(in Japanese)
8. Krisdathanont
Duantem, " Searching for Female Identity in Okamoto Kanoko's Boshijyojyou". 
Manusya Regulay Issue (Vol.13 No.1)2011. (In Japanese)
9. Krisdathanont
Duantem, " The Influence of Buddhism in Okamoto Kanoko's literary works ".
Proceedings of Chulalongkorn University International Conference on Oriental Studies (CHICOS): Buddhism and Buddhist in World Literature 2011.

10.Krisdathanont Duantem, “Bento”, The Japanese Cuisine in Thailand,2005

11.The Translation of “Matsuri no ban” in Japanese Short Stories vol.6, Faculty of Arts , Chulalongkorn University , 2000

12.The Translation of “Kojin tekina taiken”, Nanmee Books,2003

13.The Translation of “Memushiri Kouchi”,Nanmee Books,2004

14.The Translation of “Man’engannen no futtoboru”,Nanmee Books,2005

Current Research Topic