Traditional Intricate Paper Cutting Techniques of Southern Thailand: Background, Beliefs, and Cultural Animation of Thai Buddhist Culture

  • Pannee Virunanont Bangkok University, Thailand
Keywords: beliefs, cultural animation, Southern Thai, intricate paper cutting


Intricate paper cutting of Southern Thailand is a traditional folk art, which is passed down from one generation to another. However, there are no detailed studies or records of the historical backgrounds, beliefs, and cultural animation of Thai-Buddhist culture in Southern Thailand concerning this folk art. This study, therefore, aims to examine this art form in Songkhla and Nakhon Sri Thammarat provinces, which have their own cultural identities. The goal is to register this art form as a part of cultural heritage. The compilation of vital data includes (1) paper characteristics, (2) paper engraving
methods, (3) colours, (4) instruments, (5) pattern designing, (6) purposes of the arts, (7) origins and history, and (8) knowledge of transferring methods. The findings reveal the origins of the beliefs and Buddhist faith of the community. The intricate paper cutting techniques are still maintained in the form of decorations found at auspicious events, festivals, and cultural ceremonies in every region of Thailand. The techniques of this art form are in decline but its use still prevails in community life, remaining favourites at auspicious festivities and cultural events for the sake of conserving distinct identities.