Manusya, Journal of Humanities, 18.1 (2015)

  • Linguistic Markers and Stylistic Attributes of Hedging in English Academic Papers Written by Native and Non-native Speakers of English
  • On a Quest for the Jewel: A Review of the Fine Arts Department’s Edition of Phra Horathibodi’s Chindamani
  • David Copperfield and the Bildungsroman: Their Contribution to Charles Dickens’s Reputation
  • Morphological Processing Difficulty of Thai Learners of English with Different Levels of English Proficiency
  • From Morality to Medical Danger: Anti-Vivisectionism in the Novels of Three Late-Victorian/Early 20th-Century Writers
  • Review of The Language Myth: Why Language Is Not an Instinct. (Evans, Vyvyan 2014)
Published: 2015-03-31