Manusya, Journal of Humanities, 15.2 (2012)

  • Variation and Change of the Phrae Pwo Karen Vowels and Tones Induced by Language Contact with the Tai Languages
  • Formant Transitions as Effective Cues to Differenciate the Places of Articulation of Ban Pa La-u Sgaw Karen Nasals Author(s) : Karnthida Kerdpol
  • Initial Consonant Voicing Perturbation of the Fundamental Frequency of Oral Vowels and Nasal Vowels: A Controversial Case from Ban Doi Pwo Karen
  • Ban Pa La-u Sgaw Karen Tones: An Analysis of Semitones, Quadratic Trendlines and Coefficients
  • Using GIS for Exploring Karen Settlements: A Case Study of Western and Northern Thailand in the Vicinity of the Thai-Burmese Border
  • Review of Ratanakul’s Ruam botkhwam wichakan lem 1: Kariang
Published: 2012-07-31