Manusya, Journal of Humanities, 14.2 (2011)

  • Language Learning Strategies Used by Thai and Vietnamese University Students
  • Antipodeanism, and Charles Dickens’ Imperialist Undertakings in Depicting Australia
  • Exploring Partnerships with Common Roots: Two New Ways of Combining Classical Dance Traditions in Mainland Southeast Asian Performances
  • Contact-Induced Vowel Variation: A Case Study of the High Short Vowels /i/ and /u/ in a CVN Syllable Structure in Lue and Khün
  • Names and Sub-Groups of the Palaung: A Preliminary Field Survey in Yunnan and Kengtung
  • Review of Why do languages change? Revised by Robert McColl Millar  (Trask, R.L. 2010)
Published: 2011-07-31