Manusya, Journal of Humanities, Special Issue No. 22 (2016) Linguistic Landscapes of Thailand: Some Preliminary Vistas

  • Linguistic Landscape: History, Trajectory and Pedagogy
  • Multilingualism in the Linguistic Landscape of the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
  • Inside the Shop Names: Hybridity, Language Awareness and Globalization in the Linguistic Landscape of a Local Commercial Neighborhood in Bangkok
  • Chinatown in Bangkok: the Multilingual Landscape
  • Linguistic Landscape Study of Advertising Signage on Skytrain
  • A Linguistic Landscape Study of Signage on Nimmanhemin Road, a Lanna Chiang Mai Chill-Out Street
  • Review of Negotiating and Contesting Identities in Linguistic Landscapes. (Robert Blackwood, Elizabeth Lanza, and Hirut Woldemariam (Eds.) 2016)
Published: 2016-11-30