Manusya, Journal of Humanities, Special Issue No. 19 (2011) Myth and Ritual

  • Following the Buddha's Path: The Buddha's Life Story as the Model for Narrating the Lives of Phra Kechi Achan (Monks with Mystical Power) in Central Thailand
  • Phra Sri An (Maitreya) as a Hero: A Structural Analysis of Phra Sri An Myths in Thai Society
  • Sacralization of the Mekong River Through Folk Narratives
  • Persistence of the Ritual of Caling The Khwan of the Rice Goddess in Don Pho Village, Tambon Chaina, Sena District, Ayutthaya Province
  • Sacred Power Transmission and the Network of Phu Thai Folk Healers in Tambon Nonyang, Nongsung District, Mukdahan Province
  • Symbolism in the Chaomae Song Nang Ritual
  • Dynamics of Power of Space in the Tai Yuan Chao Luang Kham Daeng Spirit Cult
  • Review of acred Mountains of Northern Thailand and Their Legends. (Swearer, Donald K., Sommai Premchit, and Phaithoon Dokbuakeaw 2004)
Published: 2011-11-30