Manusya, Journal of Humanities, 20.1 (2017)

  • Reinventing the ‘Native Other’ in Early Hollywood: The Moroccan Woman Between Native Resistance and Orientalist Episteme in Robert Florey’s Outpost in Morocco (1949) Author(s) : Hassane Oudadene
  • Influence of Changing Thai Society on the Japanese Restaurant Industry in Bangkok
  • Weddings and Thai Women: The Construction of Weddings and the Portrayal of Thai Women through Wedding Stories in Thai Wedding Magazines
  • Conception of the World Creation Myths Contained in Isan Folk Literatures
  • Healing Place and Self: The Renewed Ecological Perception and the Invisible Landscape in Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Dream
  • Review of The Terror That Comes in the Night: An Experience-Centered Study of Supernatural Assault Traditions (David J. Hufford 1982)
Published: 2017-03-31