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Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University.

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  1. Thai English Learner corpus is the corpus of essays collected from undergraduate students from Chulalongkorn university and Thammasart university. 
  2. The corpus  is categorized into  two levels : intermediate learners and advanced learners. 
  3. Learners at the Intermediate level are first year students in different faculties. The corpus size is about 880,000 words. It is composed of 542,000 words (1538 essays) from TU students and 338,000 words (1281 essays)from CU students (Faculty of Arts)
  4. Learners at the advanced level are second year students in the faculty of Arts, whose major is English. The corpus size is about 66,000 words (54 essays).
  5. Professional TLE are writings of Thai journalists in two English newspapers, the Nation and Bangkok Post. The corpus size is about 294,000 words (2739 essays).
  6. Essays from Thammasat University's students were collected by Assist.Prof.Vilaivan Aroonmanakun, Language Institute.
  7. Essays from Chulalongkorn University's students were collected by Assist.Prof.Prima Mallikamas, Ajarn Somjit Jirananthiporn, and other faculties in the English department.
Created by Wirote Aroonmanakun. Copyrights 2009.
This project is funded by the National Research Council Thailand (2008-2010), and supported in part by Chulalongkorn University Centenary Academic Development Project.
โครงการวิจัยนี้ได้รับทุนวิจัยจากสภาวิจัยแห่งชาติ (ปี 2551-2553) และได้รับการสนับสนุนบางส่วนจากโครงการในแผนพัฒนาวิชาการ จุฬาลงกรณ์มหาวิทยาลัย