The registration is now open.  The deadline is March 31, 2017.

Chulalongkorn University Summer Institute for Thai Studies (CU-SITS) is now offering a one-month intensive course on Thai language and culture. This Siamese Summer course in June is ideal for students and interested persons wishing to learn the basics of Thai as well as the general overview of Thai culture in the immersive atmosphere at the heart of Bangkok.

Located in the new, vibrant city center of Bangkok, Chulalongkorn University is one of the oldest institutes of higher education. The Faculty of Arts, where the CU-SITS originated, prides itself on the careful blending between the old tradition of language and cultural learning and new, innovative methodologies in the humanities. People participating in the CU-SITS will enjoy the quiet, leafy atmosphere around the campus’s oldest buildings, hidden behind the hustle bustle of the city life that is not that far beyond.

Siamese Summer participants will enjoy our courses carefully designed for those who wish to begin learning more about Thailand. With a four-day week for a period of one month, students will learn the fundamentals of Thai, which are offered on two different levels, as well as general courses on Thai studies, such as Contemporary Thailand and Thai Buddhism.

In addition, the Siamese Summer program will organize outings to such neighboring provinces as Ayutthaya and Nakorn Pathom, so that our participants will learn about Thai historical heritage in situ, where old temples and ruins are still abundant, each telling specific stories about life and soul in the yonder times. Excursions may also include shorter trips in Bangkok, such as an evening of Thai Chinese food sampling in the heart of Chinatown and an afternoon of Thai cooking offered by food specialists.