Assist.Prof.Dr. Thitirat Panbamrungkij

Academic work/Publication :

PANBAMRUNGKIJ, T. 2014. Tourist Expectations in development of Wartime Heritage Tourism: A Case Study of Lao PDR and Vietnam. Husa, K., Trupp, A. and Wohlschlaegl, H. (eds) In. Southeast Asian Mobility Transitions: Issues and Trends in Migration and Tourism. Vienna: Department of Geography and Regional Research .Vol. 19

PANBAMRUNGKIJ, T., and KAINZ, W., Visualization of Multi-Destination Touring Routes on the Southeast Asia East-West Economic Corridor. Annual International Conference of the RGS-IBG, 3rd -5th July 2012, University of Edinburgh. Scotland (Oral presentation).

PANBAMRUNGKIJ, T., MANIROCHANA, N., and KAINZ W., Wartime Heritage Tourist Attractions and Quality Expectation of Tourists. International Conference: Tourism Imaginaries/ Imaginaires Touristiques, 18th -20th February 2011 at UC Berkeley, CA. (Oral presentation).

PANBAMRUNGKIJ, T., and JUNHOW, P. 2008. The study of the evolution of old world maps appearing Thailand or Siam on them between 1400 – 1900 c., Chulalongkorn University (in Thai).

PANBAMRUNGKIJ, T. 2006. The analysis of suitable areas for supporting the expansion of condominiums in Pattaya city. The Journal of Social research. 29 (1): 148 -162.