Center for Latin American Studies


The Center for Latin American Studies, established in 2003, is under the Spanish Section of the Faculty of Arts.

Its objectives are for

  • disseminating the language and culture of Latin American countries,
  • promoting the student exchange program between students in the section with educational institutions in Latin American countries,
  • co-ordinating with Latin American embassies (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Panama and Peru) and the Hispanic-Thai Association to enhance ties between the Thai and Latin American peoples,
  • Conducting research and establishing a body of knowledge in language and culture through a new perspective that is based on the diversity of Latin America .

Administrators of the Center

Ajarn dr. Pasuree Luesakul, Director,

Ajarn Chantra Pramoonsab, Deputy Director

Ajarn Narut Chaosakun, Coordinator


Cooperation with Latin American universities

La Plata National University , Argentina
Colima University , Mexico



Center for Latin American Studies
8 th Floor, Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Building
Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
Tel. 02-218-4773