2202373 Environmental Literature

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As Patrick Murphy points out, contemporary environmental literature stimulates us to question our relationships with the environment and challenges us to think about what it means to inhabit the world more responsibly.

In this course, we will examine our relationships with the non-human world through an analysis of various texts: Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Dreams, Jesmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones, James Cameron’s film Avatar, as well as selected poems, essays, and short stories.

The issues we will discuss range from anthropocentrism, place and inhabitation to environmental injustice and life in the anthropocene. We will also investigate to what extent our study of environmental literature urges us to rethink our relationships with the environment, fosters our ecological awareness, and deepens our appreciation of this wondrous world. Join the course and find out for yourselves!

To be offered in the first semester (2022a) for third- and fourth-year students. For more information, contact Ajarn Darin. (Darin.P@chula.ac.th)


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