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What do Arts students study?

The Faculty of Arts is not a language school; we offer various courses in Arts and Humanities. Both graduate and undergraduate students not only study the languages of their choices but also study other subjects; for instance, history, library sciences, philosophy, literature, and cultural studies. We also offer an undergraduate international program in language and culture. For more information about this program, please visit BALAC web site.

For graduate students the Faculty of Arts offers the following international programs. These program include:

Thai Studies <http://www.arts.chula.ac.th/international/thai>
English as an International Language <http://www.eil.grad.chula.ac.th/>
Southeast Asian Studies <http://www.seachula.com>
Chinese as a Foriegn Language <http://www.cfl.arts.chula.ac.th>
French for the Business World <http://www.fr-business.arts.chula.ac.th>