COVID-19 Information

Chula has confirmed its first COVID-19 case. All Department of English classes are online. Please follow updates for classes and procedures on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Information page.


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All Department of English classes are conducted online. Please send your e-mail to instructors if you haven't already done so to establish a line of communication. See below for specific directions for your courses and from your instructors.


2202119 Critical Reading

Class on March 16 is cancelled. Please e-mail your instructors so that they can advise you of further plans.


Tony O'Neill

Students in the following classes please 1) e-mail acharn O'Neill so that he can instruct you on future proceedings, 2) download Zoom, set up your user information and join the class on the platform at the usual class time, and 3) keep up with course schedule readings and assignments.
2202112 English II
2202374 Fiction and Fact in English Prose section 3
2202201 Composition I


Ingo Peters

Since physical classes are no longer possible, instructions for this week are null and void. Your instructor will contact you with new instructions.


Students in the following courses, please 1) download Zoom, and 2) join the course Line group.
2202349 The Poetry of Rebellion: The Romantics to the Victorians
2202445 British Poetry from the Twentieth Century to the Present



Several classes will use some of the following tools. Contact the Learning Innovation Center (; 0 2218 0232, 0 2218 0242) or the Student Affairs Office (0 2218 4897) if you need assistance with accessing any of these online tools or related equipment.



Central Library

The Central Library remains open during its usual hours. Any changes will be announced on its website. The book return drop box, as always, is open 24/7.