On March 28, 2017 representatives from Chulalongkorn University, the Center for European Studies, and the Faculty of Arts met with Ágnes Bata, Faculty Coordinator for International Affairs from the Faculty of Arts, University of Szeged, Hungary to discuss possibilities of partnerships.  All parties agreed that international experience, nowadays, plays a crucial role in students’ future and international networks also affect university rankings.  With an attempt to expand their international connections to Southeast Asia, University of Szeged is opened to a wide variety of partnerships, such as academic program development, exchange of students and staff, and joint academic activities.  At the moment, more possibilities seem to be on student exchange and summer programs.

The University of Szeged have been welcoming international students since the 1980s.  Among them, Thapanee Tubnonghee from the Faculty of Arts.  The University stresses on their international relations as much as their academic activities.  Even though they have achieved their goal in their expansion of international activities, they aim to expand further. The University is globally recognized for their research activities and high-quality education with the commitment to stay in tune with scientific development.