To mark its 100 year anniversary, the Faculty of Arts proudly presents the commemorative brooch.  The 2.5 inch long silver colored brooch depicts the Faculty’s centennial logo: a peacock feather with an orchid tree leaf in the middle.  The peacock feather is part of the emblem of the Faculty of Arts, Saraswati, the Hindi goddess of knowledge, the arts, and wisdom, who rides a peacock. The orchid trees, grown around the Devalai, are regarded as true witnesses of all stages of each and every Arts student’s academic lives.

The meaningful emblem and the memorable tree later inspired our alumni, Nakrob Moonmanas, a nationally renowned graphic designer, to create the centennial logo, which has been representing the Faculty of Arts since 2016.  This beautiful motif was carefully crafted into an elegant brooch with an eye-catching effect. Made copper plated with rhodium, one of the most reflective metals, the surface of the brooch becomes mirror-like and is guaranteed to remain in its original condition for a long time.

This limited edition jewellery is now available at the Dean’s Office, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University at the price of 800 THB.  The proceeds go to the Faculty of Arts Centennial Fund.  For more information, please call 02-218-4885 or e-mail