Vision and Philosophy
The Department of Library Science strives to be a leader in developing and transferring library and information science knowledge for the advancement of scholarship and professionalism and learning society.


  1. Produce graduates at all academic levels to be morally and ethically equipped with deep knowledge on library and information science and information studies as well as to be ready entering the workforce efficiently.
  2. Create and develop academic works and research projects in library and information science and information studies
  3. Distribute knowledge to other communities outside the university
  4. Encourage and support collaboration with other domestic and international organizations
  5. To be a leader in library and information science and information studies.


  1. To produce graduates with deep knowledge and skills in information studies possessing critical thinking, ability to solve problems as well as righteousness and morality.
  2. To develop and continuously improve curriculum to be current and global.
  3. To support and promote the creation and distribution of academic and research works in both national and international venues as well as to establish collaborations with other scholars and organizations.
  4. To provide appropriate academic service to community and society at large.
  5. To establish scholarly collaboration with other educational institutions in information studies and related disciplines as well as other organizations in both national and international level.
  6. To produce graduates that are in demand for the current and future labour market which will become leaders in the field.