On February 22, the English as an International Language Program together with the Department of English, Faculty of Arts hosted a talk by Professor Andrew Goatly from Lingnan University, Hong Kong, on the topic of Metaphors and Ideology. The talk which followed his paper of the same title covered his study of how metaphors are used for ideological purposes.  His talk focused on the themes related to present-day ideology: Power/Importance is Height, Race is Colour, Disease is Invasion and Sex is Violence.  He investigated the language of metaphor with the application of relevance theory and functional linguistics. Professor Goatly considered metaphors the fruits of culture and physiology.  The purpose of his study was to provide a model on how metaphors work in communication including how they are manipulated and how they are perceived. The evidence was obtained from authentic contexts such as conversation, popular science, advertising, news reports, novels, and poetry.  In addition to the above article, he also wrote another article entitled Humans, Animals, and Metaphors and two books with similar titles, Washing the Brain: Metaphor and Hidden Ideology and The Language of Metaphors.  Professor Goatly’s talk was widely attended by over 100 participants from a variety of related fields such as linguistics, literature, applied linguistics, and cultural and social studies.