On February 24, 2017 the Department of Geography in collaboration with the Department of Human Geography, Goethe University, Frankfurt (GU), organized the first GU-CU Seminar.  The German delegates were a group of graduate students led by Professor Marc Boeckler and Till Straube.  The seminar participants include lecturers, graduate and undergraduate students in the field of Geography.  The talks covered a wide range of interesting and up-to-date topics on Human Geography such as An ImportancePerformance Analysis of Creative Tourism Activities in Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park, A Flood Damage Assessment and Finding the Emergency Shelters for Flood Victims: A case study of Mueng Singburi in 2011, The Life of Dead Buildings: Exploring the Ghost Tower in Bangkok, and Examining Sustainability Discourses Using the Example of Spirulina Farming in Bangkok.  The presentations result from the growing interest in Thailand among the German students.  Their interests are in Thai urban studies, economic geography, and urban planning. Their research topics encompass malls and markets, real estate, public transportation, medical tourism, and rooftop algae farming. Supported by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), the GU-CU Seminar is part of the GU delegates’ 16-day field trip to Thailand.

Goethe University, Frankfurt, originally named Universität Frankfurt am Main, was founded in 1914 as a citizen’s university.  It was later named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in honor of the famous poet and writer, a resident of Frankfurt.  The university celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014.