Logo & Symbol

Centennial Logo

As part of the celebration of our first centennial in 2017, the Faculty of Arts has commissioned Nakrob Moonmanus, an alumnus and a famous graphic design artist, to design the logo that best describes this special occasion. Through our Organizational Image Enhancement Workshop supervised by Jake Pattaratanakul, a Cambridge Graduate, from Chulalongkorn University’s Business School (CBS), five traits were altogether identified to serve as the identity of the Faculty of Arts: passion, creativity, vision, expertise, and the courage to stride beyond frontiers.

To reflect the five traits, the centennial logo was carefully designed to depict a grey peacock feather with a pink eyespot redesigned to resemble the silhouette of a bauhinia (orchid tree) leaf.  While pink represents the University colors, grey is the color of our Faculty signifying human nature which is neither black nor white. The peacock has long been thought of as associated with the Faculty, as it is an animal vehicle of Sarawasti, the Hindu Goddess of the arts, aesthetics, and wisdom. 
The bauhinia trees, grown around the Devalai, are regarded as true witnesses of all stages of each and every Arts student’s academic lives.  The shape of the logo is also intended to mirror a quill pen, thus connoting both creativity and passion in letters.

Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University