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M.A. Program in Thai Studies

Course Description for M.A. Program

Credit Requirement

Plan A (Thesis Program)

  • Credit requirement                                  36 credits
    • Coursework                                     24 credits
      • Compulsory courses             12 credits
      • Elective courses                     12 credits
    • Thesis                                              12 credits

Plan B (Non-Thesis Program)

  • Credit requirement                                36 credits
    • Coursework                                    33 credits
      • Compulsory courses            12 credits
      • Elective courses                    21 credits
    • Special Research                              3 credits

Since 2009, M.A. Thai Studies Program has co-operated with Southeast Asian Studies Program, under such co-operation, Thai Studies students can take 2 courses (6 credits) offered by Southeast Asian Studies Program and vice versa. This helps broaden the views of students in both curricula.

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Compulsory Courses

Plan A & Plan B: 12 credits

2200601 Modernization and Traditional Society in Thailand
(MOD TRAD SOC THAI) 3(3-0-9)
Selected aspects of twentieth century Thai Society and culture with a focus on understanding historical continuities and transformations of traditions. Major forces that have shaped Thai culture. The intellectual impact of major political and economic events and the adaptation of social ideas and values to new conditions

2200602 Contemporary Thailand
(CONTEMP THAI) 3(3-0-9)
Contemporary political, economic, social & cultural events and phenomena in Thailand

2200603 Thai Buddhism
(THAI BUD) 3(3-0-9)
Relationship between Buddhism and development of the Thai State. Mutual integration of Animism, Brahmanism, and Buddhism in Thailand. Buddhism as the ideology of the Thai state and an explanation of Thai social life. Buddhist reformations and religious movements in Thai history. Thai Buddhism in the 21st century.

2200649 Research Methodology in Thai Studies
(RES METH TH STUD) 3(3-0-9)
State of knowledge and research trends in the field of Thai Studies; research and studies that are influential on Thai Studies; research methodology and resources pivotal to the production of a quality and scholarly research; research ethics.

Elective Courses

Plan A: 12 credits

Plan B: 21 credits

2200612 Peoples and Cultures of Thailand
(PEO CUL THAI) 3(3-0-9)
A survey of peoples in Thai Society and Thailand from its beginning to the modern era. Social, cultural and political changes and factors that have impact on the existence of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

2200616 Museums and Thai History
(MUSEUM TH HIS) 3(3-0-9)
Museums and historic sites in Thailand representing Thai history. The way artifacts and monuments speak to the public.

2200618 Concepts of Disease and Medicine in Thai Society
(CON DIS MED TH SOC) 3(3-0-9)
A survey of the history of Thai medical theory and practice from primitive to modern times, encompassing both supernatural and scientific methods of healing. Concepts of disease, image of the body, and therapeutic strategies within Thai cultural settings. Differences between Western and non-Western medical practices.

2200619 Thai and Southeast Asian Peoples and Cultures
(TH SEA PEO CULT) 3(3-0-9)
A survey of peoples in Thailand and Southeast Asia from the beginning to the modern era. Social, cultural and political changes and factors that have impact on the existence of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

2200620 Capitalism and the Economic Development in Thailand
(CAP ECO DEV THAI) 3(3-0-9)
The evolution of the Thai economic system and important changes of national economic and social plans. The rise of capitalism in Thailand. Economic problems of Thailand due to the spread of capitalism. Rural development in relation to the impact of capitalism.

2200623 Thailand in the World Community
(THAI WORLD COM) 3(3-0-9)
The sense of the “world” in Thailand’s historical past. Traditional modes of contact and perception of the outside world. Colonialism and the scope of the Thai horizon. Foreign influences and national development. Thailand in globalized context.

2200625 Thai World Views
(TH WORLD VIEWS) 3(3-0-9)
Folk and court explanations of the world order. Cosmologies and social hierarchy. Values and taboos in Thai society. Ideal of man and social order in Thai life.

2200627 Thai language in its Social and Cultural Context
(THAI LANG SOC CUL) 3(3-0-9)
Thai language in relation to Thai society and culture. The use of Thai language that varies according to social factors, such as social characteristics of the speaker and social situations. Certain aspects of Thai language and culture that are likely to cause misunderstandings to foreigners who learn Thai and communicate with Thai people.

2200628 Thailand and the Neighboring Countries
A comparative studies of Thai society and culture with those of neighboring countries. Relationship between Thailand and neighboring countries in political, economic and social aspects.

2200629 Thai Art
(THAI ART) 3(3-0-9)
Forms, convention, and distinctive characteristics of Thai Art as a cultural expression of Southeast Asia. The relationship between Thai Art and Thai ways of life.

2200630 Thai Literature
(THAI LIT) 3(3-0-9)
Characteristics and values of Thai literary works in relation to Thai society. The evolution of Thai literature. Contemporary novels and social issues.

2200631 Human Geography of Thailand
(HUMAN GEO THAI) 3(3-0-9)
Pattern and process in relation to Human Geographical phenomenon, i.e. settlements, population, agriculture, industry and transportation.

2200633 Special Topics in Thai Studies
(SPEC TOP THAI) 3(3-0-9)
Lecture on special topics in Thai Studies.

2200634 Information Resources in Thai Studies
(INFOR RES THAI) 3(3-0-9)
Resources information on the disciplines concerning Thai Studies found in Thailand.

2200636 Folklore in Thai Society
(FOLK THAI SOC) 3(3-0-9)
Role of folklore in Thai society and culture, including folktales, folksong, folk game, performance, belief and rituals. Aspects and insights of Thai society and culture reflected in Thai folklore.

2200637 Gender in Thai Society
(GENDER THAI SOC) 3(3-0-9)
Gender in relation to Thai economics, political and social factors; Thai worldview influencing determination of gender status and role in society; transformation of economic structure from self-sufficient to capitalist, and its impact on gender, including violence against women, women trafficking, women’s participation in politics, and legal rights of women in relation to roles and rights of men; women and health care, including reproductive health rights.

2200639 Ecology and Nature in Thailand
(ECOL NAT THAI) 3(3-0-9)
Continuity and changes of views towards nature; representations of nature in the worlds of Buddhism and animism in Thailand; influences of such views on ecology discourse patterns and environment conservation movements in the region.

2200640 Urbanization in Thailand
(URBAN THAI) 3(3-0-9)
Emergence and development of urban communities in Thailand; urban and rural connection; colonialism and urban forms; urbanization as part of modernization and industrialization; urban and regional development; expansion of metropolitan regions; urban administration system and urban governance; slums and substandard housing; urban infrastructure provision

2200641 Theatre and Films in Thailand
Development of theatre and films in Thailand. Relationship between traditional culture and local theatre and film production. Western influence on local theatre and films. Interrelationship between theatre and films, and politics and society.

2200642 Socio-Cultural Survey of East Asian Countries
(SOC CUL SURV EA) 3(3-0-9)
The cultural development of people in East Asian countries. Impact of western commerce and colonialism upon this region.

2200643 Thai Intellectual Thinkers
(TH INTEL THINK) 3(3-0-9)
Biographies and thoughts certain important Thai thinkers whose thoughts have impacted social change or have contributed to Thai society in significant way.

2200644 Foreign Communities in Thailand
(FGN COM THAI) 3(3-0-9)
Various foreign communities in Thai society. Perception of foreigners in Thai society; integration of foreign elements into Thai culture; influence of foreign cultures in current Thai society.

2200645 Human Rights in Thailand
Thai attitudes concerning human rights: development of these ideas and the adoption of western culture in Thailand; role of writers and journalists in campaign for human rights; the 1973 Student Movement and spread of the idea of human rights; awareness of social and legal problems concerning human rights. 

2200646 State of Knowledge in Thai Studies
An integrated view on the Thai Studies, body of knowledge; conceptual framework, theories and methods fundamental to the development of Thai Studies; major work indicating the identity and direction for development of Thai Studies; scope and state of Thai Studies at the present time.

2200647 Transnationalism in Thai Society
(TRANSNAT TH SOC) 3(3-0-9)
Various ethnic groups in Thailand, particularly at the border areas; state and problems concerning transnational laborers in Thailand today.

2200648 Conflict and resolution in Thai Society
(CONF RES TH SOC) 3(3-0-9)
Concepts, different approaches and mechanisms in dealing with conflicts; mediation and negotiation. Types and causes of conflicts in Thai Society, conflict management and problem solving in Thai Society.

2200702 Directed Reading in Thai Studies
(DIREC READ THAI) 3(3-0-9)
Supervised reading of assigned works in Thai Studies.

2200703 Independent Studies
(INDE STUD) 3(3-0-9)
Thorough research on a specific topic of interest to the student.

Thesis & Research

Plan A: Total 12 credits
            2200811 Thesis

Plan B: Total 3 credits
            2200711 Special Research
            2200896 Comprehensive Exam (S/U)

Study Plan

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