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Ph.D. Program

Course Description for Ph.D. Program

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Students are required to successfully complete a dissertation equivalent of 48 credits and an oral examination. The dissertation must be an original piece of work and make a distinct contribution to the knowledge of the subject. 

Compulsory Courses

S/U Grade

2200601 Modernization and Traditional Society in Thailand
(MOD TRAD SOC THAI) 3(3-0-9)
Selected aspects of twentieth century Thai Society and culture with a focus on understanding historical continuities and transformations of traditions. Major forces that have shaped Thai culture. The intellectual impact of major political and economic events and the adaptation of social ideas and values to new conditions

2200602 Contemporary Thailand
(CONTEMP THAI) 3(3-0-9)
Contemporary political, economic, social & cultural events and phenomena in Thailand

2200603 Thai Buddhism
(THAI BUD) 3(3-0-9)
Relationship between Buddhism and development of the Thai State. Mutual integration of Animism, Brahmanism, and Buddhism in Thailand. Buddhism as the ideology of the Thai state and an explanation of Thai social life. Buddhist reformations and religious movements in Thai history. Thai Buddhism in the 21st century.

2200649 Research and Methodology in Thai Studies
(RES METH TH STUD) 3(3-0-9)
State of knowledge and research trends in the field of Thai Studies; research and studies that are influential on Thai Studies; research methodology and resources pivotal to the production of a quality and scholarly research; research ethics.

2200894 Doctoral Dissertation Seminar (S/U)

2200897 Qualifying Examination (S/U)


2200828 Dissertation (48 credits)

Study Plan

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