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Creative Spaces

CU Sports Complex

The CU Sports Complex is a fully-functional sports facility where students, faculty, and staff can enjoy a variety of sports, both on their own or with a group of friends. Visit site

  • 1st floor: Office/Meeting room/Badminton court
  • M floor: Swimming Pool
  • 2nd floor: Fitness center/Yoga room/Aerobic room
  • 3rd floor: Indoor sport field (Boxing/Judo/Karate/Taekwando/Fencing)
  • 4th floor: Volleyball field/Basketball field
  • 5th floor: Meeting room/Reception room/Audience stadium
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CU Centenary Park

The CU Centenary Park was created to provide a green space for the city and celebrate Chulalongkorn University’s 100th anniversary. Located in the center of shopping and commerce, the park is designed as a multi-functional “urban forest” Visit site

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Academic Services

CU Central Library

The Office of Academic Resources is responsible for providing and developing information resources, for example, books, textbooks, theses and dissertations, research works, journals, educational media, databases and knowledge banks. It has developed the management of basic services and different forms of proactive services through the use of innovations and modern technology. It also offers a service in the form of assistance to and support of research activities by subject specialists. All these services are provided with the aim of enabling the Chulalongkorn Community and society to apply information and knowledge in teaching, conducting research and learning efficiently. Visit site

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Center of Translation and Interpretation

The center offers translation services in at least 13 foreign languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cambodian, Malay, Latin, Arabic, and Vietnamese. Visit site

Other Facilities

Museums and Art Galleries

List of museums in Chulalongkorn University Visit site
Chamchuri Art Gallery Visite site
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre Visit Site

Chula Wi-Fi

The University provides internet service to all students. To connect to the wireless network, students can register to obtain an access code at  IT Chula


Chulalongkorn University provides free shuttle bus service for students, faculty and staff. The shuttle bus service operates all routes Monday to Saturday, 7AM – 7PM, but only routes No.1 and 2 on Saturdays. Visit site (Updated 2019)

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Other On-campus transportation

● CU Bike: Subscribe and get free access to a CU bike for one hour. You can subscribe here.

● CU TOYOTA HA:MO: Ultra-compact electrical vehicle car-sharing service. Information is available here.

● MuvMi: Electric TukTuk sharing service. Download the MuvMi application to access MuvMi services.

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To find more, please visit official site of Chulalongkorn University