Reading and Writing Thai


Apart from the speaking skill, it cannot be denied that the success of communication in Thai is reading and writing. In daily life, we have to read, at least, some product details, prices, BTS and
MRT stations and food menu etc. The Thai language has its own alphabet system, which needs formal learning and practice. The course Write and Read Thai is designed to serve those who can
speak Thai but cannot write Thai or want to sharpen their skills of writing. This course is divided, at first, into levels: I, II & III.

Reading and Writing Thai (I) (30 hours) focuses on the alphabet system, i.e., students will learn how to compose consonants, vowels and tone markers, forming words, and then pronounce
words properly. Different pattern drills are offered through the course.

Reading and Writing Thai (II) (30 hours) is designed for those who want to read short texts in daily life, for examples, short messages on social media application, information of products, instructions and print ads etc. Together with the reading skill (input), the course also focus on the writing skill (output), thereby students can interact with people by writing.

Reading and Writing Thai (III) (30 hours) focuses on a higher level of reading and writing skills. In this course, students will learn a variety of text types, for examples, different news, advertisement on print and online media etc.

Saturday CLASSES : Study every Saturdays from 9:00hrs-12:00hrs

Duration : 30 hours/level

FEE : 7,500 THB/level (including books) 

ONLINE APPLICATION | 在线申请 for Reading and Writing Thai Level 1-3