Intensive Thai Program (ITP)

For over 30 years, the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University has offered a wide selection of Thai language and culture courses for foreigners for various purposes: academic improvement, business, or personal enrichment.

The program consists of three levels—beginner (courses 1-3), intermediate (courses 4-6), and advanced (courses 7-9). Each level consists of three 6-week courses of Thai language instruction. Students at the advanced level will also focus on society and culture in addition to the Thai language. Classes run from Monday to Friday. Apart from learning Thai, students will engage in cultural exploration through participation in language and cultural training offered by CTFL.

*ONLINE COURSE via Zoom Meeting:
– Learn Thai anywhere, on any device
– Live interaction with your classmates and instructor
– Limited to 10 students per group
– Daily practice and prompt feedback
– Language and Cultural training in all levels
– e-book provided with online assignment and assessment
Technical Requirements for online course
– Personal computer, laptop, smartphone or a tablet with built-in camera or webcam and audio capabilities
– Reliable internet connection
– Zoom account

LEVEL : Beginner (1-3); Intermediate (4-6); Advanced (7-9)

Interested applicants with a beginning Thai background can contact CTFL staff for a placement test. The staff will notify you of the placement test date. CTFL reserves the right to offer placement tests only to registered students who have already paid the tuition fee.

– from Monday to Friday (9:00-12:00 for level 1-3 or 13:00-16:00 for level 4-9) for 6 weeks including the examinations
– 100 hours : 90 hours of classes (5 days x 3 hours x 6 weeks)+ 10 hours for Language and Cultural Training
*Once a week, Language and Cultural Training is arranged in the other half of the day.

COURSE START : every course starts at the odd months.
(Advanced level 7-9 are rotated courses which you can start from 7-8-9, 8-9-7, or 9-7-8)

MATERIALS : included

SYLLABI : (click on each banner to download syllabus)















(Payment is allowed up to 3 courses in a time.)

23,000 THB/Course (with e-book)

23,500 THB/Course (with paper-book delivery)

ONLINE APPLICATION | 在线申请 for Intensive Thai Program Level 1-9 



Guideline to Intensive Thai Program

Each course consists of 100 hours of instruction, extra-curricular activities and assessment. Intensive Thai 1 will focus on basic listening and speaking skills. From Intensive Thai 2, the students will learn Thai letters.

Schedule of Intensive Thai Online Course

*Applicants with prior knowledge of Thai are required to take a placement test. After application, please email to to request for the online test.

**Thai Visa is not required to enroll in this course. CTFL is not responsible for the visa application process. However, upon request, we can provide a letter of admission as a supporting document for a visa application. See Information about ED Visa.