Life in Campus

BALAC is an innovative humanities program that teaches cultural studies to prepare students for success in the 21st world. The program offers students many opportunities for rich learning experiences, whether in the classroom, in its many resource centers, or beyond them. Information provided below aims to help you navigate your life on campus as a BALAC student.

Uniforms for Classes at Chulalongkorn University

International students who are registered at undergraduate level (in both regular and international programs) are asked to wear University uniforms (pictures found at the link below). Wearing sandals and slippers in class is prohibited.

University uniforms and accessories may be purchased at the CU Cooperative Store on campus at the Sala Phra Kieo branch or at nearby shopping areas, such as MBK, Siam Center, etc. Prices for uniforms are negotiable.

IT Services

WiFi connectivity is available throughout campus. There are also hundreds of network (and Internet) access points throughout university buildings – classrooms, library, student centers, CU iHouse, etc.

Computer Lab and Internet Center

University students can access to the latest computing equipment and internet access in study centers, including IBM Desktop Computers and IBM Laptops (running Windows software); and both laser and inkjet printers.

Technology is basic to academic and personal life in our world, and the Office of Information Technology, located on the 3rd floor of the Chamchuri #3 Building, is available to address issues of technology on campus. The office is open each day except Sunday to meet the IT needs of Chulalongkorn students. The HELP desk is available at and the Office’s website is found below

Study Rooms

There are numerous study rooms in the main classroom building, in the library and in the new campus student living center CU iHouse. Many of these can be reserved in advance by students via the BALAC intranet.

BALAC Events and Activities

The BALAC Program also engages in various events, workshops, and services which aim enhance the learning experience and to foster a sense of community among students.

New Student Orientation

The annual BALAC Trip, held in early August each year just before first semester starts, is a three-day trip filled with activities aiming to give students the opportunity to meet their partners in learning, including faculty and staff in the BALAC Program and Chulalongkorn University in a friendly and informal atmosphere outside Bangkok. Experiences from the trip help students to better prepare for their studies and lives in Chulalongkorn University as well as enhance their place in the BALAC Program. The basic schedule of orientation events may be found in the BALAC Office.

Educational Trips

The BALAC Program also organizes educational trips in and around Bangkok each semester, all of which aim to enhance and reinforce the understanding and aspects of classroom learning. Local trips give BALAC students an ability to access local life and to gain hands-on experiences unavailable in the classroom. Other trips enhance students’ vision and awareness, and improve their understanding of Thai ways of living beyond Bangkok. Participating in educational trips offered by the BALAC program gives students first-hand experiences and opportunities for learning and knowing outside the classroom which are useful for their future careers.

Other Activities

BALAC students organize many events on their own each year, both for themselves and for others, and they welcome international students' participation. A buddy is assigned for each international student to help him or her to navigate life at Chula and beyond. In addition, the University and the Faculty have regular educational, theatrical, sports and artistic events each semester, in addition to hosting special conferences, lectures, film series, and festivals.