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A public lecture in Hanoi (Lecture 1)

Faculty of Arts and BALAC professor, Ajarn Verita gave a public lecture in Hanoi (Lecture 1)

Assistant Professor Verita Sriratana, PhD, upon the invitation of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Hanoi, delivered a public lecture on the topic of “Universal Robot VS Impaired Machines: War, Technology and Extremism in Karel Čapek’s Works” at the TOONG coworking space, Hanoi.

Ajarn Verita was introduced in the welcome speech delivered by His Excellency Dr Vítězslav Grepl, Ambassador of the Czech Republic, who presided over the lecture.

This academic event is part of the Embassy’s venture to promote Karel Čapek, the visionary Czech writer known as the first person who used and popularised the word “robot” in his famous play entitled “RUR: Rossum’s Universal Robots”, and thereby paving the way for the literary genre of sci-fi and fuelling the innovative ideas prevalent particularly in the field of robotics.