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A public lecture in Hanoi (Lecture 2)

Faculty of Arts and BALAC professor, Ajarn Verita gave a public lecture in Hanoi (Lecture 2)

Assistant Professor Verita Sriratana , PhD, upon the invitation of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Hanoi, delivered a special lecture on the topic of “The Posthuman in the Works of Franz Kafka and Karel Čapek” at Hanoi University of Education.

The lecture was attended by more than 60 students, lecturers, and interested audience including the Dean and Mrs Renata Greplová, the Czech Ambassador’s spouse, who presented copies of the Vietnamese translation of Karel Čapek’s books to the audience who shared and voiced out their opinions.

Lecturers as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students actively participated in the reading and analysis of the Vietnamese translation of Franz Kafka’s short story.