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Meeting with Professors from University of Grenada

On February 14, 2020, the Faculty of Arts had a great opportunity to welcome delegates from Universidad de Granada, Spain. In attendance were Dr. Alicia Benarroch Benarroch, Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Sports, Dr. Oswaldo Lorenzo Quiles, Vice Dean for Investigation, International Projects, Dra. Lucía Herrera Torres, Academic Secretary, Dra. María Ángeles López Vallejo, Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Internationalization, and Dr. Javier Navarro Santana, Vice Dean for teaching, quality and Innovation. From the Faculty of Arts were Dean, Associate Professor Dr. Suradech Chotiudompant, Associate Dean Assistant Professor Dr. Nirada Chitrakara, Associate Dean Assistant Professor Dr. Nunghatai Rangponsumrit, Assistant Professor Dr. Penpisa Srivoranart, and Dr. Porranee Singpliam.

University of Granada is the second most recognized university in Spain. Melilla campus, in particular, is located in the Southern part of the country and is rich in its multicultural milieu. Having signed a university level MoU with Chulalongkorn University, University of Grenada is looking forward to signing a faculty level MoU with the Faculty of Arts.  The meeting that was conferred focused on possible collaborations in terms of exchange between the two institutions. Exchange program for students and faculty staff, joint academic research, and summer program, to name a few. Furthermore, with the location of Melilla campus, it paves way for more opportunities to learn not only the Spanish language itself, but also the historical and cultural aspects of the city, which bear rich modern histories and societal, as well as cultural artefacts.  

University of Grenada is a close partner with the Faculty of Arts’ Spanish Section.  In addition to Spain, the Section’s activities have also been highly supported by other Spanish speaking countries in Latin America.  At the Faculty of Arts, the Spanish Section is one of the most successful foreign language sections with graduates being employed both nationally and internationally. Established since 1965, the Spanish Section at the Faculty of Arts has been enjoying growing popularity among Thai students both at high school and university levels.