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Visitors from East Yangon University

On Friday, February 21, 2020, a group of visitors from East Yangon University, led by Professor Nilar Aung, Pro-rector, and Associate Professor Sucharit Koontamakulvong from CU’s Faculty of Engineering, met with the Heads and the staff of the Departments of English and Geography.  The purpose was to discuss the teaching and research organization of the departments.  At the moment, the East Yangon University’s Departments of English and Geography are improving their teaching and research systems.  They therefore would like to learn how the teaching and researching are managed in the departments of the same nature at the Faculty of Arts.

The Head of the Department of English, Associate Professor Prima Malikamas presented the structure of the courses in the department and answered questions regarding the management of the Language and Linguistic Tracks at the Department of English.  Professor Aung also showed great interest in having her colleagues continue their graduate studies at CU.  The Head of the Depart of Geography, Assistant Professor Thitirat Panbamrungkij, introduced her department and took the guests to visit the geography lab.  The guests were impressed with the presentations and the amicable discussion.  Further collaborations are also in the picture.