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Online meeting with delegates from the University of Essex

On March 26, 2020, the Faculty of Arts’ representatives, Assistant Professor Nirada Chitrakara and Dr. Porranee Singpliam, joined a virtual meeting with University of Essex’s representatives from both Malaysia and the UK.  The Malaysian team included Samantha Look, Director, SEA Regional Office, Katrina Khairudin, Recruitment and Development Manager, and Michelle Neoh, Recruitment and Development Officer.  The UK team included Dawn Mott, Partnerships Manager, Academic Section, Charlotte Storhm, Partnerships Manager (Development & Oversight), and Sally Day, International Partnerships Officer.

The Zoom Meeting that was held enabled the dialogue for the exchange of students of all levels, as well as the exchange in terms of research by faculty members.  University of Essex was also keen to initiate connection with the Faculty of Arts in terms of short term (one semester) and long term (one academic year) exchange programs. The concentration, however, was on possible partnership models with the Faculty of Arts 2+2 Dual Degree, 3+1 Accelerated Masters, and 1+1 Dual Masters.  The faculty level MoU is expected to be signed in the near future to cement the partnership and to facilitate faculty level activities.  Renowned in its Linguistics Program, the University of Essex is looking to explore opportunities to expand the scope of internationalization between the two universities. 

Currently, the University of Essex has already established ties with Chulalongkorn University.  It is now collaborating with the Faculty of Political Science in a Dual Degree Program and the Faculty of Engineering in the Accelerated Master’s Program. 

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