Chulletin X BALAC Exclusive Workshops : For BALAC students

The workshops are organised for Chulletin’s editorial department and BALAC students aiming to introduce participants to the editorial world.

Expert lecturers, experienced in working in English media and publishing industry, will share their relevant stories, along with introducing basic editorial principles. Certification will be provided to each participant upon completion of the workshops(The workshops are organised mainly in Thai.)In case you want to be a part of Chulletin, do not hesitate to fill this form below.

Registration deadline: 8 September 2021

For more information please contact

Facebook: Chulletin



****Please note that this is a registration for BALAC students only.

For Chulletin’s staff please register via this link->…/1FAIpQLScgcJrks8ZFRq…/viewform