Announcement: Internship Syllabus for BALAC Students


Students wishing to take the internship course MUST complete this procedure by Friday 23rd May 2021

  1. Find & Apply for an internship that fits the requirements above. You must discuss your choices with a potential internship advisor during this process. Not doing so may cause you to waste a lot of time on an unsuitable internship.
    1. Your internship advisor MUST be a BALAC Ajarn (Ajarn Lowell, Permtip, Timothy, Kim, Kunnaya, Porranee, Kasia, Treepon or Amaia)
  2. Provide the internship advisor with a signed letter of acceptance for the internship.
  3. Provide the internship advisor with information on what kind of work the student would be doing. This can be in the form of:
    1.  An internship’s official listing, if it contains detailed information on the position (like those for UN internships)
    1. An email from the organization providing the internship. This can be in the form of an email addressed to the student (which is then forwarded to the internship advisor.)
  4. Receive a final clearance to proceed email from your internship advisor.
  5. Forward a copy of the clearance to proceed email to the coordinator of the internship course if your advisor did not CC them.

Upon starting internship, students should provide their supervisor with the contact details (emails) of their internship advisor, and the course coordinator.

For further detail, please click on the link below.