Language, Fantasy and Storytelling on the evolution of culture – Andy Haggerstone, Ph.D.

On February 22, 2021, Andy Haggerstone is sharing with us his view on the role of Language, Fantasy and Storytelling on the evolution of culture. Based on his background in philosophy, Haggerstone believes that human fantasy, together with language, through storytelling, plays a major role in human creative explosion, the major part of human cultural evolution. Andy Haggerstone, Ph.D. graduated from the University of York, UK, with a PhD in Philosophy. In addition to his academic caliber, Andy is also an artist and a teacher. Whilst completing his Ph.D., he founded an artist management company and independent record label called Kaleidoscope, where he still serves as Managing Director. He also runs a Digital Internship programme for the National Foundation for Youth Music, which involves him guiding a group of young entrepreneurs through the process of starting their own record label and releasing their first single.Everyone is invited. To register, please log on to or scan the QR code below.