Meeting with Representatives from Kobe University

On Monday, February 27, 2023, Associate Professor Suradech Chotiudompant, Dean of the Faculty of Arts welcomed delegates from Kobe University led by Executive Vice President NAKAMURA Tamotsu. 

The purpose of the visit is to officially initiate the connection and discuss possible collaborations, such as exchange of students and staff, joint research and classes, online classes, and other activities. At present, Kobe University as faculty level MoUs with many Faculties at Chulalongkorn University, but not at the Faculty of Arts.  Before starting the collaboration with the Faculty of Arts, Vice President NAKAMURA, however, is looking forward to signing a university MoU with Chulalongkorn University.  

Together with Vice President NAKAMURA at the Faculty of Arts were Professor KAWAI Naruo, Director of Global Education Center, Professor PARK Jong Woo, Global Education Center, Associate Professor KURODA Chiharu, Global Education Center, Associate Professor KAWAKAMI Naoe, Global Education Center, and Ms. SHIBUTANI Mariko, International Exchange Division. 

Welcoming the delegates from Kobe, together with the Dean, were Assistant Professor Nirada Chitrakara, Associate Dean and representatives from the Japanese section, which were Associate Professor Chomnard Setisarn, Assistant Professor Yuphawan Sopitvutiwong, and Dr. Saranya Choochotekaew. 

Formally established in 1949, Kobe University is a national university based in western Japan. Its roots date back further, to 1902, when it was originally known as Kobe Higher Commercial School. Today, Kobe University is one of Japan’s leading comprehensive universities with 10 faculties and schools, 15 graduate schools and a great number of research centers and institutions. Kobe University is promoting interdisciplinary research and education to become an outstanding research university