Closing of Arts Chula Summer Program for the University of Tokyo

On Friday, August 26, 2023, the Faculty of Arts hosted the closing ceremony of Arts Chula Summer Program in Thai Language and Culture for students from the University of Tokyo 2023. The two-week program comprises classes, lectures, workshops, and trips related to Thai language and culture.  The closing session featured group presentations on Thailand-Japan relationship, based on the knowledge and experience the students gained during the program.  Many interesting topics were presented, such as Japanese Community in Thailand, The MRT and Thailand-Japan Relationship, and Japanese Pop Culture in Thailand. The program was a success thanks to the very capable staff at the Faculty of Arts Academic Services. The 24 students were great representatives of their famous university. They are not only intelligent and sophisticated, but they are also courteous, cooperative, and very energetic. We are looking forward to working with Todai again next year.