G-DORM Project

Faculty of Arts congratulates two students, Piengfa Chumwangwapee, an undergraduate student majoring in English, and Chayapol Khaphaeng, a graduate student from the Department of English, who won scholarships to participate in the G-DORM project, an academic collaboration between Niigata University and leading universities of Mekong River Basin. This project puts together students from different countries to work in groups to find solutions for regional problems.  It is a great opportunity for the participants to improve their academic potential and leadership skills through constructive and innovative solutions.

G-Dorm Project regularly takes place in Japan.  Due to the pandemic, however, the project will be conducted online. It is hoped that towards the end of the Project, which is March 2020, if travel restrictions due to COVID-19 outbreak becomes eased, the project could return to normal– students can join the project with their foreign colleagues in-person in Niigata, Japan.